It is about.

IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. That is why you are here. Or perhaps it is someone else's birthday and you require a way to clarify the once a year occurrence. is here to provide you with access to high resolution 'IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.' banners.

The 'IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.' banner was made to look exactly like the one used on the TV show The Office. Every care has been taken to recreate exactly how it looked on the show (Episodes 16 & 17 entitled Lecture Circuit of season 5). However, we have taken creative license to use Helvetica instead of Arial as we believe it is a far superior font. The only difference you'll notice it that it looks slightly better. :)

You've heard the story, now it's time to celebrate. Go to the 'IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.' downloads and find the perfect image in which to mark the tradition of our ounce a year gravity fed trip around the Sun.